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07:30 am Registration
Welcome Session
08:30 am Introduction & Speed Dating
Session 1 : Planning the Unplannable?

09:00 am

Invited Talk by Chuck Rossi

(Release Engineering Manager at Facebook, USA)

Moving to mobile: The challenges of moving from web to mobile releases. ckr

Facebook's web frontend release process has evolved into a large scale pseudo-continuous deployment system where we release anywhere from 30 to 300 changes per push, twice a day, coming from around 1000 developers in four distributed engineering offices. What lessons did we take from our successful web deployments when we made the shift to a mobile-centric company? We'll discuss how we managed to keep features of our fast flowing development and release process and apply them to the very different world of mobile release, which is essentially a shift back to packaged software. We'll describe how we maintain a date based release schedule, how we test and collect mobile metrics, and describe the real-world issues of dealing with package deployment and end-user uptake.


Chuck Rossi (@chuckr) leads Release Engineering at Facebook and started as Facebook's first release engineer in 2008. Chuck has worked in release engineering for over 20 years and prior to joining Facebook, Chuck was a Senior Build and Release Engineer at both Google and VMware.

10:00 am

A Prototype Tool Supporting When-to-release Decisions in Iterative Development by Jason Ho, Shawn Shahnewaz and Guenther Ruhe (University of Calgary, Canada) [research talk]

Continuous Delivery Meets Release Management by Rohit Jainendra (Electric Cloud, USA) [practitioner talk]


10:40 am Coffee Break
Session 2 : Extreme Integration
11:00 am

Extreme Git Branching for Continuous Delivery by Sarah Goff-Dupont (Atlassian Software, USA) [practitioner talk]

How much does this commit cost? - A position paper by Yujuan Jiang, Bram Adams and Daniel M. German (Polytechnique Montreal/University of Victoria, Canada) [research talk]

Dependency Management for Continuous Release by Chuck Karish (Google, USA) [practitioner talk]


Session 3 : Building the Future
12:00 pm

Mozilla's hybrid continuous integration by Armen Zambrano Gasparnian (Mozilla, Canada) [practitioner talk]

Extending the Buildpack API for multi-platform builds by Alan Grosskurth (Package Lab, USA) [practitioner talk]


12:40pm Lunch & Posters
Session 4: Why should we do Release Engineering Again?

02:00 pm

Invited Talk by Dinah McNutt

(Release Engineer at Google, USA)

The 10 Commandments of Release Engineering. ckr

This talk will present 10 commandments that I have found to be truths in my 20 years of building commercial software. For each truth, I will provide reasons and examples that support the truth. The commandments are simply solutions to requirements or problems, but it is more entertaining and provocative to present the truths up front, let the listener react, and then discuss the requirements and problems that led to the truth.


Dinah McNutt is a Release Engineer at Google, Inc. She has been involved with system administration since the mid-1980s. Some of her accomplishments include writing the "Daemons & Dragons" column for Unix Review Magazine and writing for SunExpert Magazine, Byte, and other publications. She has twenty years of commercial release engineering experience and has released all types of UNIX-based software, from shrink-wrapped to Web-based services to network appliances.

03:00 pm

On the Influence of Release Engineering on Software Reputation by Christian Plewnia, Andrej Dyck and Horst Lichter (RWTH Aachen University/Software Construction, Germany) [research talk]

Challenges in Practicing High Frequency Releases in Cloud Environment by Liming Zhu, Donna Xu, Xiwei Xu, An Binh Tran, Ingo Weber and Len Bass (NICTA/Sydney University, Australia) [research talk]

Quantifying the Business Value of Release Engineering by Dan Tehranian (Virtual Instruments, USA) [practitioner talk]


04:00 pm Coffee Break
Session 5: What did those Release Engineers do?
04:30 pm

Contrasting Development and Release Stabilization Work on the Linux Kernel by Md Tajmilur Rahman and Peter Rigby (Concordia University, Canada) [research talk]

Factors Impacting Software Release Engineering: A Longitudinal Study by Noureddine Kerzazi and Foutse Khomh ( Montreal, Canada) [research talk]

Release Engineering Ain't What It Was by Curt Patrick (Netflix, USA) [practitioner talk]


05:30 pm

Panel & Wrap-Up ckr

06:30 pm Leaving for Workshop Dinner


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